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While Utah's numbers are low, face masks are required in all indoor public spaces within park city and summit county.
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A Celebration of Our Pioneer Heritage

The Days of 47 Parade and Rodeo, fireworks, concerts, reenactments, cookouts, and Pie and Beer Day – these are only a few of the fun and family-friendly events taking place on Pioneer Day. Whether you come dressed as a pioneer or not, this holiday is an ideal chance to get together with friends and family. Held annually on July 24, Pioneer Day marks the day in 1874 that Brigham Young led the first Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley. Although uniquely a Utah tradition, Pioneer Day is now observed by communities in five other Western states.

Did we mention Pie and Beer Day? Pioneer Day was originally a religious-themed holiday, but the celebration has grown to include many who are not Mormons. As such, Pie and Beer Day is more of a secular celebration, with bartenders and wait staff often sporting authentic pioneer regalia as they serve craft brews and a variety of pies. The latest trend has been to include root beer in the Pioneer Day festivities, so everyone can participate in both holidays. To join the celebration, call us at (877) 649-3600, and be sure to ask about our discount for veterans and first responders or book our Flex Dates deal and save up to 25% off your trip!