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Make the most of your time in Park City with our insider's guide to navigating the neighborhood. Discover up-and-coming events, tuck into local galleries and shops, and dine at nearby restaurants and bars. We’ll let you in on all of our favorite places to explore and enjoy!

Explore The Caves

It’s August which means school is right around the corner. But classes, homework, and that internship you just scored means less time to let loose and unwind. So, take advantage of what’s left of summer with an adventure filled trip to Park City, Utah. And don’t worry about having to figure out what to do in this ski town during the summer, our experienced staff at The Newpark Resort have got you covered with a day trip to American Fork, Utah for an exploration of The Timpanogos Caves.

This national monument features a 1.5 mile hike up to the cave entrance that will challenge hiking fans to brave its tough course. If you aren’t so sure you can make the hike, taxis are available to drive you up the mountain side, as well. Inside of this organic cave lies a wonderland for nature lovers wanting to witness Mother Nature first hand.

Cave temperatures can be pretty chilly, averaging in the forties, so bring a light jacket if necessary. Tickets can be purchased via phone by calling the monument directly. And if you’re still looking for things to do once you’re back from your day trip, Newpark Resort offers free shuttles to Downtown Park City so you can grab a drink and wow the crowd with stories of your hike to The Timpanogos Caves.