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Make the most of your time in Park City with our insider's guide to navigating the neighborhood. Discover up-and-coming events, tuck into local galleries and shops, and dine at nearby restaurants and bars. We’ll let you in on all of our favorite places to explore and enjoy!

Horsing Around

people horseback riding along the river

If you want to explore the wild wonders of Park City without any hassles, we recommend checking out Red Pine Adventures. Located less than ten minutes from our Park City resort, Red Pine Adventures is situated on the privately-owned Red Pine Canyon and will set you up on a guided horseback tour of the thousands of acres of gorgeous mountain land on the property. If you’re a first-time rider, the staff will take care to match you with a calm and experienced horse. In the winter months, they trade out their horses for snowmobiles and and the mountain becomes your own personal snowmobile course! So instead of wasting time trying to find places to explore, let the adventure begin!

Address: 2050 White Pine Canyon Road, Park City