Safety is our top priority!
While Utah's numbers are low, face masks are required in all indoor public spaces within park city and summit county.
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Staff Picks

Make the most of your time in Park City with our insider's guide to navigating the neighborhood. Discover up-and-coming events, tuck into local galleries and shops, and dine at nearby restaurants and bars. We’ll let you in on all of our favorite places to explore and enjoy!

Off the Slopes but Still Fit in Park City

Need a break from skiing but don’t want to lose muscle tone? No problem - Park City has plenty of vigorous activities for all levels of fitness.

Fitness Centers abound here, and many of them don’t require membership. Swimming, spinning, yoga, and tennis are just a few of your options, or you can up your game with a personal trainer.

If you’re not up to a workout, but still want to stay active, explore Park City’s Historic District. Some brisk walking, and pleasant strolling, down Main Street will keep your heart pumping, while you scope out the art galleries, boutiques, and the Park City Museum.

At Utah Olympic Park, you can hike, slide, and zip your way around while learning about Olympic history. For the ride of a lifetime, hop on the Comet Bobsled. You’ll whiz over the ice and around curves at over 60 mph, with some serious g-force!

Finally, take the free shuttle from downtown back to the Newpark Resort. Lounge by your fireplace, or soak those tired muscles in the hot tub on your private deck, and relax.