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Make the most of your time in Park City with our insider's guide to navigating the neighborhood. Discover up-and-coming events, tuck into local galleries and shops, and dine at nearby restaurants and bars. We’ll let you in on all of our favorite places to explore and enjoy!

Sundance Star-Gazing

With three year-round ski resorts, 100+ restaurants and a historic Main Street that out-charms most others, Park City welcomes winter sports enthusiasts with an array of apres-ski cultural events but, year and year out, one Park City event takes center stage: the Sundance Film Festival. This year's fest, the 31st in its history, kicks off on Thursday, bringing nearly 50,000 fans of film to experience the stellar cinematic work of American and international independent filmmakers. The onscreen action is as exciting as the on-the-street parade of paparazzi and celebrities in town through February 1. After you've taken in your fair share of Sundance-fueled frenzy, head back to Newpark Resort for a cozy night by your in-room fireplace.

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