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While Utah's numbers are low, face masks are required in all indoor public spaces within park city and summit county.
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The Twists, Turns, and Lofty Jumps of World Cup Skiing

Feel the adrenaline surge of watching winter athletes performing feats of glory on skis and snowboards on the same trails used during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. This year’s FIS Visa Freestyle International Ski World Cup Event will be held January 10th-12th at Deer Valley Resort and will include both men’s and women’s mogul competitions and aerial freestyle jumps – one of the Winter Olympics premier events. Thousands of World Cup fans will be on hand to cheer on the competitors in these two thrilling events

Aerial skiers will be launched almost 20 feet into the air from a ramp, and will be scored on their launches, jumps, and landings on the lofty snow banks below. A medaled sport since 1992, mogul skiing is performed by two skiers, head-to-head as they rush down sheer grades with two jumps in the course. Spectators can look forward to seeing breathtaking twists and back flips, as the contenders are scored on speed, turns, and jumps. Don’t miss this chance to see these world-class athletes. For details and tickets, call (435) 649-1000, or click here.