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Three of the Best Places for Fall Hiking in Park City

group of friends hiking

Whether the trail leads you through colorful autumn woods, winds through towering trees, or takes your breath away atop a magnificent summit, Park City offers some of the best hiking adventures around. Listed below are three of our favorites.

PC Hill

At a little over a mile, this moderate and fun hike is just opposite Park City Mountain Resort. The summit is reached quickly and rewards hikers with a 360-degree view of Park City at the top.

Rob's Trail

Offering gorgeous views of aspen groves and the nearby resorts, this moderate trail begins at Bear Hollow Drive. After winding gradually up the south side of Utah Olympic Park, the trail's summit provides terrific views of Kimball Junction.

Bloods Lake Trail

This newly-renovated, family-friendly trail includes a lake as part of its offerings. The trailhead is located just below Guardsman Pass, and its brilliant fall foliage makes it ideal for hiking, with shaded areas throughout. Closes in November when Guardsman Pass closes for the season.

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