Take a Walk Through History Without Sacrificing Luxury Accommodations

Nestled in the charming area of Kimball Junction, Park City, Newpark Resort offers a perfect blend of luxurious comfort and a historical exploration destination. Whether you are a history buff, a lover of nature, or someone seeking a serene escape with all modern amenities at your fingertips, Newpark Resort serves as an ideal base. Let us guide you through historical walks around Kimball Junction and Park City, ensuring that your stay is comfortable and culturally enriching.

Historical Walks in Kimball Junction

Kimball Junction is not just the gateway to Park City but a historical treasure in its own right. A great starting point is the nearby Utah Olympic Park. While primarily known for sports, the park also offers a glimpse into the region’s Olympic legacy from the 2002 Winter Games. The on-site Alf Engen Ski Museum and the Eccles Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games Museum delve into the area’s ski history and the impact of the games.

Just a short walk from Newpark Resort is the Swaner Preserve, where visitors can engage in guided walks focusing on natural and cultural history. The preserve is a vital part of the ecosystem and a place where the past meets the present. The EcoCenter located within the preserve provides insights into the area’s environmental efforts and its historical significance to Park City.

Discovering Historic Park City

A short drive or a free bus ride from Kimball Junction will take you to the heart of Park City, a town famously transformed from a mining hub to a ski destination. Main Street, the epicenter of this transformation, is lined with beautifully restored buildings dating back to the late 19th century. Here, visitors can enjoy guided historical tours that recount the tales of miners, the discovery of silver, and how this precious metal shaped the town.

For those interested in a deeper historical dive, the Park City Museum on Main Street is a must-visit. The museum’s exhibits cover everything from the mining days to the skiing boom and the town’s evolution into a film festival hosted by the Sundance Institute. Walking tours from the museum often include visits to the old Territorial Jail, historic homes, and the charming old schoolhouse.

Getting Around Kimball Junction And Park City

Enjoy stress-free, car-free travel with free public transit, including electric buses and shuttles, extensive e-bike rentals, and pedestrian-friendly pathways. Getting around Park City and Kimball Junction without a car is easy, sustainable, and a great way to help keep the streets and air free of congestion. Park City’s local bus service is free of charge! Easily explore attractions, dining, and shopping while reducing your environmental impact.

8 Destinations To Experience While Visiting Summit County

  • Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter: While not a historical walk in the traditional sense, the Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter offers a unique perspective on the Park City area’s environmental and developmental history. Even better – it is neighbors to Newpark Resort, only a three-minute walk from your room to the preserve. The Preserve spans 1,200 acres and includes a LEED Platinum-certified building with interactive exhibits. Historically, the area was traversed by the Kimball Brothers stage line and later became significant for its environmental conservation efforts. The Preserve offers guided walks where visitors can learn about the local ecology and the historical use of the land, providing insights into how the area has been shaped by both human and natural history.
  • Park City Museum: Located on Main Street, the museum is housed in the city’s original basement jail. It features interactive exhibits about the town’s mining history, the Great Fire, and the transition to a ski resort. Admission includes a self-guided walking tour of the historic district. It is conveniently open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is just a 15-minute drive from Newpark.
  • Guided Summer Walking Tours by Park City Museum: These tours offer insights into the area’s indigenous peoples, the settling of the Mormons, and Park City’s evolution from a mining to a ski resort town. The tour covers the historic district, buildings, and notable figures. The tours start at the Park City Museum, where you’ll see interactive exhibits about the town’s mining history, the great fire, and the transition to a ski resort. The walking tours are offered Monday through Friday, June 24th through August 30 at 2 p.m. and are included in Park City Museum admission.
  • High West Distillery: Offering a unique blend of history and modernity. Located in Old Town Park City, visitors can tour the distillery to learn about the history of distilling in the region and enjoy tastings of their award-winning spirits. The distillery is housed in a renovated livery stable and garage, adding a rustic historical charm to the experience. You can also tour The Saloon (or stop and enjoy a cocktail). The High West Saloon is the world’s first and only ski-in gastro-distillery. Tours are available Thursday – Sunda, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm. The tours start on the hour, every hour. Located a short 15-minute drive from Kimball Junction and Newpark Resort.
  • Glenwood Cemetery: This historic cemetery, established in 1885, offers a quiet and reflective walking experience. Many of Park City’s early settlers and miners are buried here. The cemetery is unique because it reflects the town’s diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds during the mining era, with separate sections for different groups. It provides a poignant insight into the harsh realities and challenges faced by the early inhabitants of Park City. Located within a 12-minute drive of Kimball Junction.
  • Park City Ghost Tours: Experience the spookier side of Park City with a ghost tour that takes you through historic Main Street at night. The tour shares tales of the town’s haunted past and paranormal activity. Tours are at 8 pm every night. A reservation is required 24 hours in advance; if it is less than 24 hours, call to see if there is a tour already scheduled.
  • Historic Hiking Tours by White Pine Touring: These private tours are customized to your interests and can include a historic hike that explores the trails once used by miners. You’ll gain historical insights into Park City’s past as a silver mining town. The route takes you through Daly Canyon and concludes at the impressive remains of the Silver King Mine. This intermediate hike lasts about three hours, providing a chance to stretch your legs and learn about Park City’s rich history while enjoying the fresh air. This private tour must be booked in advance, and a reservation is required.
  • Utah Olympic Park: Remember to visit the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics, which includes the Alf Engen Ski Museum and the Eccles Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games Museum. The park stands as a testament to Park City’s transformation into a premier winter sports destination. The venue and museums are open daily from 9 am to 6 pm. The Utah Olympic Park is conveniently located just a six-minute drive from Newpark Resort.

Combining Luxury with Historical Exploration

Let’s talk about the foundation of your adventures—Newpark Resort. From the athletic triumphs commemorated at Utah Olympic Park to the rich mining heritage displayed along Park City’s Main Street, each step is a discovery. And with all the comforts of Newpark Resort available each morning and waiting for you at the end of your day, your journey through history will be enlightening and supremely comfortable. The resort’s location also offers easy access to other attractions, like high-end shopping experiences and art galleries, which further capture the spirit of Kimball Junction. 

What makes Newpark Resort truly special is how it combines luxury with local history and culture. Known for elegant accommodation options, which range from cozy hotel rooms to spacious townhomes, the resort caters to all types of travelers. Each room offers majestic views. 

After spending your day on historical walks, you can return to the comfort of the resort, dine at one of the local gourmet restaurants or unwind with a spa treatment. Take some time in the evenings to relax in hot tubs, enjoy the heated outdoor pool, or unwind in front of their room’s fireplace. Choose Newpark Resort as your gateway to Kimball Junction and Park City’s historical wonders to make your next vacation a perfect blend of past and present. You can also check to see specials running at the time you’re planning your vacation to Utah!

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