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Spring Creek Trail Head Reopens

a woman and a man hiking in a forest

As the snow begins to melt with a crisp average in the mid-’60s throughout May, this sets the tone for a perfect outdoor amble through Park City’s greenery. Pack your best hiking shoes and plan for some exploration; the Spring Creek Trail Head officially reopens this month, just a quick 15-minute walk across the street.

The Spring Creek Trail Head is popular amongst hikers, mountain bikers, and trail runners. This loop is part of a network of trails about 25 miles in total. Start your journey at markable points like Spring Creek Trailhead, where you can access a bathroom and water fountain. Other trails along Rasmussen Road include Bad Apple Trailhead and East Canyon Creek Trailhead; starting at Bad Apple or East Canyon is an easy way to finish at Park City Brewery. Flying Dog Trail is also found within this network, with some points of the trail being a safe space for dogs to be off-leash, enjoying their walk just as much!

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