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While Utah's numbers are low, face masks are required in all indoor public spaces within park city and summit county.
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Groundbreaking: Innovations in Clay

The Main Gallery of the Kimball Art Center is currently showing Groundbreaking: Innovations in Clay, through April 16th. The exhibit features clay patterns, vessels, and figures that, while rooted in traditional forms, have been reconstructed by 12 nationally-known artists as canvases for the conceptual and the abstract. From objects of functional, symbolic, or decorative use, artists Christa Assad, Francesca DiMattio, Lauren Gallaspy, Molly Hatch, Giselle Hicks, Lauren Mabry, Andy Nasisse, lwyn O’Brien, Adam Shiverdecker, Akio Takamori, Kurt Weiser, and Christina West have created exciting new works that stretch the imagination, and redefine the concept of modern clay compositions. The Kimball Art Center is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and there is no fee for admission. All works are for sale, and can be viewed at, or in our main gallery. For more information, call (435) 649.8882.